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ANSANDORA continues to evolve, aiming to create wagashi that you would want to give as a gift to someone.

To know about Kumamoto through this café.We want to be a hub between guests and Kumamoto.Maruiwa is a café with such a wish!

Gently sweet red bean paste is handmade in the store.

Embracing your gentleness.

Embracing your feelings for the recipient of your gift.

This is ANSANDORA of Mairuwa.

ANSANDORA is a new Kumamoto souvenir 

born in Kamitori, 

watched over by Kumamoto Castle.

For the smile of the gift recipient.

For your smile.

We bake each piece 

with utmost care.

Commitment drawn out.

Make you happy.

Delicious ANSANDORA.

ANSANDORA is particular behind the scenes.Please enjoy the mouthful and refined taste.

Creme au Beurre for beauty as well as taste.

Maruiwa is supported by 

Kumamoto's proud

food, culture, and art.


Taste Kumamoto.

That means tasting the history and climate of Kumamoto.

It contains plenty of amazake from the long-established Kumamoto sake brewery “Zuiyo”.

The secret ingredient is lotus root from Uki, which is added to the dough.

The richness of Kumamoto that you feel after eating,

it makes you want to travel around Kumamoto.

Taste Kumamoto

With Maruiwa's “ANSANDORA”.



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assorted set

Maruiwa's specialty “ANSANDORA” dorayaki

Set of 3 kinds of dorayaki

view more

view more

Standard hospitality set

Maruiwa specialty dorayaki "ANSANDORA"

Standard set of salted butter

“ANSANDORA” delicious ways to eat

Gently sweet 

red bean paste 

is handmade 

in the store.

Freshly baked softly, you can enjoy the rich aroma and taste.

You can also take it home as a souvenir. Since there are no preservatives or improvers, and there are no additives, please enjoy it on the same day.

thaw from frozen

thaw from frozen

Take it out of the refrigerator and after a while the cream will soften. You can enjoy the smooth cream that feels good on your tongue.

The Six Pillars of Maruiwa

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