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Question and Answer


You can see frequently asked questions and answers that have been sent so far. If you have any questions after checking the "Frequently Asked Questions", please contact each window.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    The Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to frequently asked questions about your business, such as "How much does shipping cost?", "When are your opening hours?", and "How do I book a service?" It serves as a place to provide answers to questions that are asked.
  • 「あんさんどら」の賞味期限はどのくらいですか?
  • 「あんさんどら」のアレルギーについて教えてください。
  • 焼きたてはもらえないのですか?
  • 鞄屋さんはもうやめたのですか?
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