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The center of Kumamoto city. Kamidori Arcade is located in a place watched over by Kumamoto Castle. Together with the Shimotori Arcade, which is known as one of the largest shopping streets in western Japan, this place is called "Machi" and is a spot visited by many tourists. is changing.


But I don't want my beloved Kamitori to be an ordinary arcade. I want to keep protecting this scenery. What can we do... Kamitori, where many people come and go, can't we make more use of this place? After thinking about it, the answer I arrived at was "Mariwa".


Even though we are born new, we are familiar with this scenery and cherish the old traditions. And, repeating the history of running as a bag store...

We will continue to take on new challenges under the new name of Maruiwa.


Dorayaki that “wraps” the bag and “wraps” the bean paste with the dough.


Precisely because we cherish traditions, and because we live in this age, we lovingly deliver new sweets made in kumamoto that can only be tasted in Kumamoto.


With the round sweets in the middle, we hope that the circle of happiness will spread.




Kimiko Iwasaki

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