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ANSANDORA is particular 

behind the scenes.

Please enjoy the mouthful 

and refined taste.

There are various theories about the origin of dorayaki. Maruiwa was fascinated by the story of the Heian period, when Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Musashibo Benkei gave thanks and baked sweets with gongs. Maruiwa Dorayaki was born as a high-quality and special “gift gift,” adding a feeling of gratitude to Dorayaki, which is now a familiar snack, and a love for Kumamoto.

I would be happy if you could choose it as a gift for your loved ones, along with the climate of Kumamoto hidden in dorayaki.

soft and moist fabric

Dust with lotus root from Uki. Furthermore, by using amazake from the long-established sake brewery "Zuitaka" without using any water, we have used the power of koji to create a moist, fluffy and fine dough. The natural sweetness of amazake is gentle, and Tohi red sake, which is added as a secret ingredient, gives the dough an elegant finish.

bean paste

Carefully selected adzuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido are carefully made into bean paste at the shop.

butter cream

The dough and bean paste are the main ingredients of the dorayaki, and Amakusa salt is added to give it a slight accent, making it a light crème au boules.

salted butter

It is the basic taste of a simple “Mariwa”.

Dark tea (Matcha)

Matcha from ● is added to the dough and butter cream.

Hojicha brown sugar

Hojicha and brown sugar from ● are added to the batter and butter cream.

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